House Alarm Systems – Don’t Wait Until It Is Too Late

To start, there are typically three types of guard dogs: watchdogs, guard dogs and attack dogs. Watchdogs are breeds that bark if someone is near or if suspicious activity is occurring near the home. They are more like home alarms, warning homeowners of possible intruders. There sizes, however, vary from the really small to the really large. For example, a Chihuahua can be considered as a watchdog.

They’re well prepared with the tools of their trade, such as glass cutters, and jimmies to open your door and get in to burglarize. Most know how to deactivate older Home Security tool, so if yours isn’t up to date, it would be a good thing to install a new one, this is especially true if you live in an up scale neighborhood. If you think one has broken in, do not confront, and just leave if possible. If they haven’t seen you it is still possible to get away and call the police. Also, if you’ve been wise enough to have a panic room built, escape if possible to it. Don’t come out until the police say it’s okay to do so.

The modern home security system runs primarily on the deterrent theory. When someone breaks in, the system is triggered. This triggering results in loud noises and notification to the security company or police. The idea is to create such a fuss as to draw attention to the home that the thief does not want and which will cause them to leave.

Plan for safety. Have a family plan as to where you will go or what you will do in case of an unexpected emergency or problem. Talk about belongings in your household that you want to have extra protection for and how this can be achieved. If you don’t have a plan you may not know what to do in a worst case scenario.

Increase your voluntary excess. This is one of the best ways to reduce your long-term premiums significantly. As a word of caution, it will also increase your out-of-pocket expense if you need to make a claim. So if your home experiences minor damage, it might be wiser to repair your home using funds from your personal savings. However, even if you have to file a claim or two after increasing your voluntary excess, it is still possible that your out-of-pocket expense would be lower than if the voluntary excess had remained unchanged.

Take advantage of having a wireless remote that works with your control panel. A wireless remote allows you to set and deactivate the alarm from another room, as well as hit the panic button and contact the authorities from another room. If someone breaks into your house, you can use the remote without crossing their path on your way to the control panel.

Keep your pets safe. If you, like most pet owners, have to leave your pets home alone while you work during the day, you probably worry about their safety. And rightly so – pets aren’t able to escape the home or call for help if there’s an emergency. An untold number of pets die each year when they are unable to escape house fires. A security system with built-in fire alarm can get the fire department to your house very soon after a fire is detected. Since home fires can double in size every 30 seconds, time is of the essence. Your alarm system could help save your pets’ lives in the event of a fire.

Look up your neighborhood’s past security record. Not sure if your area has a high incidence of crime? Depending on where you live this information may be a matter of public record. Try going online to look up or request information about not only residential burglaries, but petty crime or sex offenders living in the area. There is a lot to be said for knowing one’s enemy, and if you know the type of crimes that are likely to occur in your area, you can be far better equipped to prevent them.