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Finding that Reliable and Certified Radon Mitigation Contractor to Help in Fixing the Radon Problem Immediately

When the radon level of the home is 4 picocuries per liter or perhaps more, then the EPA is recommending that there should be a radon mitigation system installed. This is also known as radon remediation.

The common method being used to reduce such radon level is the sub slap depressurization. With this, there is a suction point or several points which are determined and the pipe is then inserted through that concrete slab floor. This particular pipe is being connected to the other PVC piping and then a fan would be positioned on the pipe located outside your home’s living area. The fan would then draw the radon gas from below the home and this would vent it to the outside. You have to be aware that such radon mitigation system may cost between $900 and $2500 dollars.

It is really imperative that you are able to find that certified radon mitigation contractor. That qualified mitigation company is certainly the best choice when it comes to the installation of that radon mitigation system.

You should know that in most states, these companies or people are really certified by the state regulatory agency like the Department of Environmental Protection. When such is not true in the state where you are in, then you have to look for that certified and qualified mitigator who is certified by the National Environmental Health Association. When you are going to select a radon mitigation company, you must also ask for their NEHA certification or their state number and know if they can provide free estimates and also a warranty on such system.

Usually, the mitigation company is going to visit the home in order to know the best configuration of such system and also the size of the fan for that kind of foundation which the house is built on. The estimate of the cost for the system may also be determined. After you choose the contractor, you must then plan on one to two days for the installation of this.

It is very important that when you are going to look for that certified radon mitigation contractor, you should beware of those lowest bidders. It is also pays that you would check for their references, the job examples and also go through the amount of time that such contractor has been in this kind of business.

It is definitely recommended that such radon mitigation system is actually tested after its installation. The test can be done after the system has been operational for over 24 hours. The short-term test is used often for the initial test. In some situations, the estimate that is provided by the contractor can actually include the retest by such professional company or through the radon test kits. Also, it is suggested to do a follow-up test each year in order to monitor such effectiveness of the system. Well, finding a certified radon mitigation contractor can really help you out in solving this issue.

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