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What Do You Know About Gemstones?

The earth is indeed rich in many aspects. One of the things you can find on earth is a gemstone. Gems hold value. For you to be able to get a precious stone, you have to drill deep into the ground. Precious stones are mined as crystals. You also need to know that the gems are usually found embedded in hard rocks. Lab grown gems are also available. Gemstones include diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, agate, onyx, aquamarine, topaz, among others. Some gemstones like diamonds and rubies are highly valued that other gemstones like agate and topaz. Characteristics such as the purity of a gemstone, its rarity, as well as its cultural value is looked at when determining the cost of a specific gem.

You also need to know that a gemstone is supposed to be cut and shaped. After refining and shaping, the specific gemstone can be used as a jewel, and other aesthetic uses. A gem cutter should be a person that pays attention to detail. A quality gem cut ensures that the end product sparkles in the right way. A gemstone that has the right sparkle will fetch a lot of money in the market. A cut gemstone has a higher value than a gemstone that has not been cut. You also need to know that gemstones that have been cut produce a sharp sparkle than gems that have been tumbled and polished.

It is also suitable for you to know what is used to cut gemstones. You should be aware of the fact that diamonds are mostly used on gemstone shaping. This is because diamonds are the hardest materials that occur naturally on the earth’s crust. You can also use a diamond to cut diamond. There are materials that can be used in gem cutting, for example, silicon carbide. There are many techniques used by gem cutters to cut a gem so that they achieve a particular brilliance. There are also different types of gemstones cuts. Common gemstone shapes are round-shaped, oval shape, marquise shape, pear shape, briolette shape, heart shape, square and rectangle shapes, radiant shape, trillion shapes, among others. It is possible to have a combination of gemstone shapes.

The use of gems is not a new thing since even the ancient communities used to mine, cut, and shape them for various applications. They were used mostly by emperors, kings, and other people who were considered wealthy and had authority. Today, gemstones are used to make various valuable items that people who cannot afford are tempted to steal. Items made from diamonds and rubies make great gifts. You also need to know that many fake gemstones are being made, and you must know how to distinguish real from fake.

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