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Importance of Psychological Assessment

Psychological assessment is the process in which psychologists uses a set of procedures to determine a person’s behavior, personality, and capabilities. This helps the psychologist identify what is going on with a client and therefore scheduling a therapeutic process for him. The testing includes an interactive task that will have questions and help in giving the right diagnosis. It also helps with patients that have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This is a medical condition whereby one has differences in brain development and brain activity affects attention. It can affect a child especially in school and therefore there is need to create awareness for parents and also teachers. Below, I will discuss the importance of psychological assessment.

First, you are able to identify the weaknesses and strengths of a child. This will help on pinpointing the weak areas that will need more work so as to help the child to improve. The process also helps in knowing other behaviors that may lead to the weaknesses and this will help in working towards the behavior in order to administer better results. It also helps in coming up with individualized lesson plans. We do not want such children being left behind for they have the ability to achieve what the peers are achieving. The parents are able to work with the teachers so that they can help the child be successful in his schoolwork. These lessons are able to boost the performance of the child in the long run.

It monitors the progress. This is done over a period of time where a student is able to be monitored from the point of testing throughout the specialized learning process and one is able to see if there is a positive outcome. If the child is still dragging in some way other techniques might be employed but there is a high chance of positive outcome. This also applies to adults with similar condition. The psychologists can be able to help after a series of failed medical diagnosis and is also able to monitor the results and ensure that the patient is doing fine.

Lastly, it helps clarify a diagnosis hence being able to solve the problem. This is not for the psychologist only but also for the patient. When they see the results of a personality test they can be able to work in a way that will help in improvement. It also helps in making important life decisions especially if they are struggling with marriage, work or even education. This might help them make an informed decision on how they will be able to go about it so as to have a better relationship with their spouse or colleagues. It also helps them realize that they need help and they can start their therapy sessions and this has to be a personal decision so as to ensure that they get the best out of the services. The psychologist is also able to determine the right treatment for a client by using the personality test. These are the various benefits of psychological assessment.

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