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The Town of Spider Lake

The location of the Town of Spider Lake is in the upper northeastern corner of the County of Sawyer, Wisconsin. To the north, the town abuts Bayfield County and to the east Ashland County. The area is covers by a number of lakes which is no surprise to a person with the characteristics that the town is taken into consideration as a part that is integral to the Northwood of Wisconsin. However, a person needs to have more information on when it comes to the services that are offered in the community, notices of meetings, and minutes of meetings.

The Town of Spider Lake normally makes announcements of the meetings that will be held in the town. There are monthly meetings that are held in the town. The board meetings of the town are held on every second Wednesday each month at the Town Hall. There is a commission that is in charge of planning and reviewing and they normally hold their meetings on the first Wednesday of each month still at the Town Hall. There are the annuals meetings in the town of all citizens that are held on the third Thursdays in the month of April in the same venue which is the Town Hall. There are also meetings of the fire department that are normally held during the first Thursday of each month at the Town Hall.

The Town of Spider Lakes puts into consideration the environment and this is done by the availability of trash and recycling. The town offers information to the residents about solid waste and recycling. The information that the people are given includes knowing what a person is supposed to throw, emptying, cleaning, drying, and the things that should not be bagged when they are being thrown. Additionally, there is a household fee for the waste and it is measured by the use of bags.
The town is governed by members of the board of supervisors that are five in number and also elected and work for a term of two years. Additionally, the Treasurer and Town Clerk are also elected. However, the town has a commission of planning and reviewing that will be dealing with issues planning and zoning. In the case that a person wants to get in touch with the officials there is no need to worry because their contact information can be found on the page of contact.
Notices that are official are posted at Town Hall and other locations that are two in the town. One of the locations is State Highway 77 that is near the entrance of the Lodge of Boulder and the next location is at the intersection of the roads of Murphy and Clear Lake. Publications that are officials are put in the County of Sawyer Record when it is needed. Additionally, notices are placed on the website for the convenience of some people. The information that is put on the website is normally up to date and is changed from time to time.

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